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About me

Dmytro Somov is a highly skilled composer, vocalist, artist, and music producer known for his innovative fusion of World, Cinematic, and Hip-Hop genres. Born in Ukraine, Dmytro began his musical journey at a young age by learning to play guitar and sing.

All About Me

I'm Dmytro Somov - Ukrainian composer, vocalist, artist, and music producer. I write music for films, video games, videos, music libraries, and more. I began my musical journey at a young age, learning to play the guitar and developing my vocal skills.

The main themes in my musical compositions and vocal style encompass Cinematic, Hip-Hop, and World Music genres. Examples of my work can be heard on the webpage "Music" as well as on streaming platforms like Spotify.

It all began with my first performances on stage as a folk vocalist. My passion for music grew from there, and I started to explore different genres and production techniques. Over the course of 7 years, I studied mixing, mastering, psychoacoustics, and engineering.


Companies I have worked with: StarLightMedia (TV films), Eki-Eki-Eki (game studio), Kyiv Puppet Theatre. Today, I work as a freelance music producer / composer.

In addition to my roles as a composer and producer, I am also a private music teacher and sound engineer, sharing my knowledge and experience with beginner musicians through seminars, master classes, and private lessons.


I'm a member of PRS (Performing Right Society), an organization that represents performers' music rights.

I'm open to any proposals and collaborations, and you can contact me through my website or social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram.

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